Against the backdrop of the Hottentots Mountains in the heart of South Africa's wine region, lay two wine estates, Blue Mountains and Twin Peaks. Many years ago the Sinclairs of Twin Peaks and the Walkers of Blue Mountains suffered a tragic loss when Duncan Sinclair and Nina Walker perished in a fire that also destroyed Blue Mountains. Two years later, Anna Sinclair and Marc Walker got married, uniting the two families that had been best friends and neighbours for years.

A brief interlude just before Christmas was supposed to be more than that. That was what Nathan Sinclair imitated to Meghan Carstens when they said goodbye, and she believed him. She should have known it was a lie and that he would end up to be just like all the other assholes she had dated before. When they met again a few months later, Meghan accepted it was over. Nathan ignored her as if the time they spent together on Twin Peaks, had never happened. She did the same, even though it hurt.

Meghan belonged to an industry Nathan abhorred. Apart from his mother and his sister, he had vowed long ago never to have anything to do with someone who aspired to be a model, designer or a journalist. He had been burned once too often. Why then did he feel this compelling attraction to the sultry fashion designer?

When the truth emerged, would Meghan be willing to give Nathan another chance?

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They might be stepbrother and -sister, but there was no sibling love between Marcus Walker and Annie Sinclair. Marcus had made sure of that and paid the price ever since.


Annie spent five years in self-imposed exile in New York. When her marriage ended, Annie and her daughter returned to Blue Mountain to heal. 

Seeing Annie for the first time since she got married had been a shock. Marcus had just begun to pick up the pieces of his life and he wasn’t ready to deal with Annie yet.

For two years Marcus stayed in the background, watching Annie heal. When she did, Marcus was there, but did he lose this second chance or could they find their piece of heaven on Blue Mountain?

Adam Walker feels like an outsider in his close-knit family, and it is his own doing. For years he has hidden a secret from them. How can Adam confide in any of them when revealing his guilty pleasures will tear them apart?

Nicola Evans arrives on Blue Mountain as the new marketing and events coordinator with a secret of her own. Yet, the woman with the forest-green eyes does what no one else has managed to do - chip through all of Adam’s defences. Nicky is a temptation he cannot resist.

But secrets cannot stay hidden forever. The truth always comes out. And when Adam faces the biggest challenge of his life, Nicky has a choice to make: stay on to help him or leave with her secret intact. Will Nicky risk everything to help Adam finally break free from the chains of his past?

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