“I’m not good-looking enough. I’m a prop, not the catch on the team. Everyone thinks we’re the dumb guys on the squad. The loosies and the guys in the back get the beautiful women.”

Ryan Foster knew the score. He, therefore, had no expectations when he met trauma doctor, Margaret Blake.

Margaret always made it clear how she felt about rugby, a sport she considered only being favoured by dumb and ignorant hooligans. When she met Ryan, the almost chemical attraction she felt towards the large prop with his bushy beard and long hair, surprised her. One evening in his company convinced Margaret that there was more to Ryan than meets the eye and gave in to temptation. A severe concussion puts Ryan's rugby career in jeopardy, and with it, his future with Margaret.

Could Margaret convince Ryan (and herself), that they might have a future? And even if they did, would they be able to overcome their pasts to find their own Happy Ever After?





This is the first book I have read by Francine Beaton. I know nothing about rugby, but do love sports romances. But rugby is not what this book is about. It is first and foremost a love story, one about the glory of two beautifully broken people finding one another. Ryan has a tragic past and he has hidden himself away by throwing himself into his rugby career and trying to make himself inconspicuous with his long hair and bushy beard. Margaret is an ER doctor with her own painful past. When Ryan and Maggie lock eyes at a wedding at the rugby club, both are blown away by the instant chemistry each feels. However, the pain from their pasts colours all of their experiences and actions and leads to a huge misunderstanding. But while beautifully broken, Maggie and Ryan are also both strong - and strong-willed - and so are the intense feelings between them.

This book is a journey and not all of it into light and romance. But it is a beautiful love story about two people who never thought they would be able to move beyond the pain of the past and find happiness in the present.