Playing for Glory is where Rugby and Romance meet. Rugby players are strong and tough - both mentally and physically. Or are they?

Cover of Francine Beaton's Eye on the Ball, Book 1 in Playing for Glory series, couple on cover and rugby pitch with player holding ball, Denver and Pretoria

The Kick-Off Trilogy is a prequel-series to the Playing for Glory series, telling the stories of those who made it all possible: Nicholas Carter, CEO, Carl Becker, assistant coach and Damian Cooper, the original Buffalo who gave the team its new name.

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Against the backdrop of the Hottentots Mountains in the heart of South Africa's wine region, lay two wine estates, Blue Mountains and Twin Peaks. Many years ago the Sinclairs of Twin Peaks and the Walkers of Blue Mountains suffered a tragic loss when Duncan Sinclair and Nina Walker perished in a fire that also destroyed Blue Mountains. Two years later, Anna Sinclair and Marc Walker got married, uniting the two families that had been best friends and neighbours for years.

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Taste for Love is a series of free-standing novels. Titles in the series include Taste for Coffee (set in Edinburgh), Taste for Wine (mostly set in Argentina),  and Taste for Cupcake

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You know the saying: all the bridesmaid, never the bride? Well, this is what this series is all about. It is a splinter-series from the Playing for Glory series, telling the stories of those characters who were in the background, or rather, on the sidelines. Falling is, for example the story of Jesse, Angie's twin brother in Eye on the Ball. choices is the story of Dan, Sarah in Wrecking Ball's older brother and Deuce is the story of Rafe Brady, son of head coach Tom Brady who also featured in Playing by the Rules. There will be others. I'm just waiting for them to tell their stories too.


This is a series of standalone novellas, all with the theme that there is always hope... and love.

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