My Blue (Heaven A Blue Mountain Novella, #2)
Genre: M/F Contemporary Romance

They might be stepbrother and –sister, but there was no sibling love between Marcus Walker and Annie Sinclair. Marcus had made sure of that. He’d paid the price ever since.


Annie spent five years in self-imposed exile in New York. Her family thought she lived the high life with her new husband and she let them. When her marriage ended, Annie and her small daughter returned to Blue Mountain to heal. Eleven years had been long enough to hold a grudge.


Seeing Annie again for the first time since she got married five years ago, had been a shock. Marcus had just begun to pick up the pieces of his life after his wife passed away. He wasn’t ready to deal with Annie yet. Not that it mattered. Annie ignored him.


For two years Marcus stayed in the background, watching Annie heal. When she did, Marcus was there. Was Annie ready yet? A couple of kisses before Christmas proved that she was. But then her ex-husband returned. Did Marcus lose this second chance or could they find their piece of heaven on Blue Mountain?

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I've adored reading Francine Beaton's A Playing For Glory series & feel like wise with A Blue Mountain just as much, though here there's more ups & downs with how they finally find that they should've followed their hearts. Here we have Anna Marie (Annie) Sinclair who has been connected & extremely close from day one towards Marcus Walker. Marcus has always been in love with Annie, but then from being so close & nearly for the everlasting things take a drastic turn for both of them. But it takes a few years after they've gone their separate ways from each other and the lives they believed was to be theirs dies.... 
Come in and see how they leave & if & how things turn out for them....