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One chance. One choice. It’s his call.

Nicholas Carter is the billionaire owner of the Wild Dogs, a young and successful rugby club. His secret to success is simple; he keeps his business and his private life separate. That resolve is tested when Emma Cole comes into his life. His new accountant is not his type, yet she has the uncanny ability to make Nicholas lose control.

Geeks shouldn’t look like Nicholas and neither should they kiss like he does. Emma is mortified to discover that the hot, sexy, green-eyed man with intoxicating kisses is her new boss.

They cannot deny the attraction between them. But giving in to the chemistry spells serious repercussions. During a business trip they surrender to their passion and embark on an affair that changes their lives forever.


Reality creeps into their relationship and Nicholas is forced to make a decision. Will he take ownership of the resulting fallout? Will he make the right call?

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