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Temptation can come in any form

Temptation can come in any form - as long as it doesn’t come in the form of Melissa Roux. The feisty blond with long, shapely legs spells trouble, and Daniel Cooper realises that from the moment he lays eyes on the new physio for the Buffaloes rugby team. As captain, he must set an example and falling head over heels in love wasn’t how to do it.

Melissa knew Daniel will be a problem from the first day. She refuses to risk her career for an arrogant chauvinist who calls her a blonde bimbo. She worked too hard to get her dream job.

Neither of them can deny the undeniable chemistry between. Daniel has enough experience with the famous Cooper curse to know that he has no chance of fighting it.

When Daniel makes one simple request, it has unexpected repercussions. In his quest to find the truth, he makes another error in judgement, risking not only Melissa’s career but also the loyalty of his team and the club.

Daniel and Melissa both face a decision: What’s more important? Your career or love?

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