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What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas.

Especially when an Elvis in blue suede shoes officiates your marriage to the Love Troubadour on Valentine’s Day.

Lucy Grimes learns the hard way that her marriage certificate does not guarantee a “happy ever after”. She refuses to be anyone’s “mistake” and flees back to South Africa. But the distance doesn’t erase memories of her former life as supermodel Lucia Grimaldi, nor her brief marriage. Plus, she now cradles a permanent reminder of her brief time with singer Jackson Lowe.

When his brand-new wife disappears the morning after their wedding, Jackson’s life falls apart. He cannot eat, sing, or perform. Pouring his heart into writing love songs dedicated to his missing wife also doesn’t lessen his heartache.

Fate steps in and reunites Jackson with Lucy on Valentine’s Day one year later. Sparks fly as they both play the blame game. 

Can Lucy and Jackson work through their differences and become the family they’re meant to be?

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