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Making the Right Call_Francine Beaton.jpeg

What would prove to be stronger? Love, or loyalty?

"Focus! Keep your eye on the ball. And no women.”  Jakes du Plessis’ mantra has always held him in good stead as a professional rugby player. However, a meeting with artist Angie Summers in Denver, Colorado, hinders his well-laid plans. Past demons remind him why he’s not relationship material, and he flees back to South Africa. 


When Angie encounters Jakes du Plessis, she’s surprised by the stir of emotions the brawny player elicits, especially since she’s wearing another man’s ring.     

Fate has other plans. Fleeing didn't help as Angie arrives in South Africa to help her brother and, hopefully, change Jakes' mind.  

 Will Jakes overcome his demons to give Angie a second chance?  Will she be able to show Jakes that love can conquer all?

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