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Inspiration Boards

I love inspiration boards. My office walls (when I had one), was usually filled with pages and pages of inspiration for all the several projects I work on.

Apart from that, I also have inspiration boards for each series and then I have for the Playing for Glory series, team sheets, management sheet and all the other characters. (See far right photos.)

I usually use Pinterest to build up my research and ideas for each book, then I pull some of the photos into Photoshop and create a collage. I will be doing a workshop on Scrivener soon, and maybe one of these days I will be able to figure out how to use it there.

Here are some of my inspiration boards. It is not all of them, and some of these books haven't been published yet but let me give you a taste.

The Blue Mountain Series:

This is the Series Board, with the layout of the family tree.

These four inspiration boards all belong to the Playing for Glory series. The first two I've published, namely Eye on the Ball, the first book in the series, and Leading from the Front, the third book in the series. The next two still needs to be published as Wrecking Ball and Wrong Footed.

This inspiration board is for Taste for Coffee, the first book in the Taste for Love series. You don't need your imagination to know that it is set in and around a coffee shop. The setting is Leith in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The next two books are currently all stand-alone novellas. The first one is for Falling, which tells the story of Jesse and Amy. Jesse is the twin brother of Angie, the heroine in Eye on the Ball. Although I mention Jakes, Christopher and André from Eye on the Ball and the series, it is a standalone novella. The second board is for Until You're Mine, is a romantic suspense set in Glasgow and Gairloch, in Scotland. It might be the first book in a trilogy as there are three brothers. The first book involves the eldest brother, who had been a crime reporter but is now a crime novelist. The second brother is a policeman and the third is involved with the Special Boat Services (the UK version of the Seals). The ideas are there, but I'm not sure yet what is going to happen.

Do you use inspiration boards and if you do, how do you create them? I am curious to know what other authors do.

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