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On my Bucket List

Don't we all have one? A bucket list of all the things we want to do and see before... Well, maybe before we die or maybe before we're too old to enjoy it or maybe before the children leave school? Or maybe, just before the end of 2020?

We may revise our lists from time to time, or as I do, every year.

Of course, a bucket list does not only include travelling. It might be things you still want to do or learn or experience. Or even if it is travelling, it might be close to home. It doesn't have to be to faraway places. I think anyway people will think twice about travelling overseas now. Or maybe not. Many people now dream of all the travelling they would've wanted to do.

Since I can remember, my bucket list included travelling and lots of it. In fact, I wanted to be a nomad. I would've done it when I left school but of course, no money, and not being allowed in many countries, put a stop to that. The moment visa restrictions were lifted, and I had the cash, I went on a three-month tour of Europe. I had then already celebrated my 30th birthday so yes, I had to wait a while.

Last year I decided: this was it. From September 2019 I was a nomad, travelling not only in South Africa but also to Scotland, Taiwan and Malaysia. If it hadn't been for Covid-19, I might have been travelling still. Or maybe not, because I was getting tired of the lifestyle. It didn't work out for me, but at least I can now tick it off my bucket list. I can say I've tried it, at least. I'm not done travelling though.

I'm a keen flower photographer, for example. I have three places on my list I still want to see, and all include flowers. Of course, there are many more, like the bluebells of Scotland and the poppy fields and the Namaqualand daisies and the orchid house in Singapore, but those I can tick off my list.

I've seen tulips at a flower exhibition in Singapore but it is not the same as the ones at Keukenhof Gardens. Maybe, one day...

This was my bucket list of earlier this year. It includes travelling, tasting wine and watching rugby, of course. Now it will not happen this year or maybe not even next year. This year my only overseas travelling might be to see my daughter in Australia.

I may be able to learn how to make chocolate though - if we ever get out of lockdown.

To compensate for those I can't achieve now, I've added another one or two.

1. I want to learn how to paint with watercolours. I'm teaching myself from YouTube videos but as soon I can, I want to attend workshops and classes.

2. I dream of starting my own business. I have the idea but now might not be the best time to start a new venture. I'm researching and planning and maybe next year I'll take the first step.

3. And of course, I dream to write that bestseller. And for that too, I have an idea, which of course needs a lot of research but first I need to work on my other projects and finish them off.

Has this pandemic changed your plans and dreams? I know it changed mine.

Until next time


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