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I know many authors who have a specific playlist when writing. I don't. In fact, I like to write in silence, but it is not always possible. I don’t mind the howling wind outside or the patter of rain on the roof next door. Those are soothing sounds and natural. It’s the manmade ones I’m not so keen on.

Of course, it depends on where I write, because in a public place you don’t have much choice. There you may have to compete with background music, people talking, announcements (at airport and train stations), and the clutter of cutlery in a restaurant.

I do, however, use music to inspire a specific scene but not always. My first few books I used a particular song for, example, the wedding scene in an epilogue, or something like that. I may listen to it a few (about ten) times before I write the scene, but when I do write the scene, it is in silence.

Although I’ve only published ten English books, I have written several others which still needs to be published. Let’s begin with the books I’ve published. I’m only going to list those I can actively remember listening to the music.

Obstruction (Playing for Glory, #2)

Ronan Keating – In your Arms

Leading from the Front (Playing for Glory, #3)

Ronan Keating - Falling Slowly

Summertime Blue (Blue Mountain, #1)

Leonard Cohen - Dance Me to the End of Love

Kind of Blue (Blue Mountain, Book #3)

Pachelbel’s The Forest Garden


Blood Brothers (Playing for Glory)

Padam Padam – Street song in Rue Boufettard

Non-Regriette - Edith Piaff

La Vie en Rose - Edith Piaff

Wrecking Ball (Playing for Glory)

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

My Secret Life with Unicorns

Touch the Sky from the movie Brave

Concussion (Playing for Glory, #..)

Kenny G – The Wedding Song (It is actually Christopher’s Wedding Son in Obstruction)

‘n Man soos Pierre (Playing for Glory, …) (English working title – A balancing act)

Ed Sheeran – Perfect

Coppelia – Pas de Deux

Coppelia - Act Three

As you can see, my music choices are broad and range from modern to classic. Can you guess the storylines from my music or maybe the careers of my main characters?

Oh, I have another question for you. Do you use playlists and if you do, where do you find the music? I have uploaded all my music to my computer and created several playlists from that, ranging from Easy Listening to exercise. I also have an Apple Account account and use that to buy more music, which I add to the music on my computer. I must admit, I missed my PC while travelling (when my laptop crashed) because I could only add a limited amount on my iPad. YouTube is my go-to channel for music videos and finding other music.

Have you tried any of these channels yet? I haven't but maybe I'll try them soon

Pandora (only in the US)

I'm curious to find out what other authors do. What channels do you use to find your music?

I hope you enjoy listening to mine (and watching the videos).

Until next time


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1 Comment

Operation Awesome
Operation Awesome
Apr 19, 2020

I write in silence but I do like the Kenny G Wedding Song. Good luck with AtoZ!

Operation Awesome

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