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You know during this isolation period, you have all these questionnaires on social media like "What does your surname reveals?" and stuff like that. Some are complete bollocks but I think boredom lets us play along. One question had me thinking, however, and that was: "What is my favourite reading position?"

I had to think about it because I'm so used to read wherever and whenever I can, I never thought about my favourite reading position. I may still sound like Dr Seuss but I learned to read on "trains, planes and automobiles" (not cars really. That makes me nauseous but buses, yes). I learned to read in restaurants, pubs and in hospital waiting rooms. I am reading in queues while waiting for my turn at Home Affairs to get a new passport or waiting for my plane to depart.

I remember when I was still in high school, my sister and I couldn't wait for the school holidays, especially the winter holidays when it's cold outside. During the holidays we could borrow double our usual books from the library. We read the same books so that means double-double! On the way back from the library we would stop at the shop, buy chocolates, crisps and toffees (usually KreamyToffees and Wilson toffees). The chocolate had to be a Chocolate Log and the crisps Cheese and Onion flavour. I'll still eat Chocolate Logs but not Cheese and Onion. And to round it off, we'll have a glass of Coca-Cola or we'll make a mug of something warm.

Finding your perfect reading position or spot or method is not as easy as you think. There are so many things to consider when choosing your reading nook as it is just as important as finding your perfect writing spot.

First, you need to make sure about your position. Some people like to lie down or sit up. Then, will it be in bed or do you choose a comfy sofa?

Then you have to think about the spot. Do you like to sit inside in front of a fireplace or outside? That might be influenced by other things such as your reading material. Do you prefer print books or do you read on an electronic device? It is not easy to see your Kindle screen when it's bright sunshine) and if it gets hot, your tablet gets hot.

Chair or sofa or on the floor? At my age, definitely a chair or sofa. It's not easy to get off the floor these days.

And should it be dark and cosy and bright and light? You have to consider the strain on your eyes, remember.

Feet up or not? For me, most definitely feet up.

Also, do you like to read in solitude, or can there be someone with you? Must it be in silence? I'll often sit and read when my husband and daughter watch crappy daytime programmes. So you see, I read anywhere.

Snacks or no snacks? I mostly read in the evenings or just after lunch. After lunch, I don't snack but in the evenings I won't say no to a glass of wine and something salty to snack on.

Don't laugh, but these are important things to consider and I had to think about them because while I have the time, I'm dreaming of decorating our new home - when we find it. I think I got my writing nook or study sussed out. Now it is my reading nook. Should I have it in my study (that will make sense since I keep most of my print books there), or should I make one in my bedroom? Or both? Both can work. Yes, I quite like that idea so now I have two places to decorate.

Of course, I went on my favourite social media site for research and that's Pinterest. (The two hours on Pinterest I spent purely as research for this blog, I promise!)

Do you have a favourite reading position or would you like to have one? How does it look like?

And for those of you who do have one, enjoy and happy reading!

Until next time


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