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X? X is for... Xeric

When I started this #AtoZBlogChallenge, I knew this was where I'm either going to give up, use something from my travel blog (there are loads of names in Chinese starting with an X!), or throw a tantrum. Or maybe getting very, very creative.

So I got creative. As I'm supposed to be a wordsmith, I pulled up my online dictionary and decided to creative. And this is the word I focused on: Xeric. Did you know what it meant? I didn't at first, but now I do. According to the online dictionary, this is what xeric means:

Xeric adjective xe·​ric | \ ˈzir-ik , ˈzer- \

Definition of xeric : characterized by, relating to, or requiring only a small amount of moisture

So what has this to do with writing? Nothing really. I could've become all philosophical and deep about this word and tell you that we all need a drop of water (encouragement), to grow and flourish. I'm not going to. I really do not feel like Mary Poppins today, seeing the beauty in everything. Our lockdown has been extended, my wine supply is running low (really, really low) and there is no chance that I will see my husband and daughter this next month either. To top it all, I have a serious headache caused by the consumption of a whole slab of chocolates before bed last night. You can, therefore, imagine that I do not feel inclined to give you any motivational speeches today.

I rather want to show you something else I like, apart from writing. As I've mentioned before, I'm a keen photographer, and especially flowers and plants (they don't talk back and are not critical when the light isn't right or you don't photograph them from the right angle). I am therefore going to share with you some of my photographs - I couldn't get all of them and had to rely on the ones on my small hard drive as the other hard drives are in storage. I didn't have to search for them, as I already have a folder with all the cacti plants and succulents. Both these subspecies are considered xeric plants because they both conserve water as they grow, requiring less care and attention than other plants.

Don't worry. That's it. That's your random fact for the day and I'm not going to bother you with any more info. I'm just going to leave you with a collage of xeric plants to brighten your, and my, day. These are all photographs I've taken over the years which I usually publish on my Facebook page and Instagram under Florescence Photography.

Until next time


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