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Zillions, zillionaires and other unfathomable numbers

Can you believe it that we've reached the end of our #AtoZBlogChallenge for April 2020? This brings us to Z and with it Zillions. A zillion is still a number I can't get my head around. Okay, I must confess. Most numbers confuse me. Maths had never been my strongest point. I do know, however, that zillion must be a really big number. My husband usually ends all his letters (yes, I still got those!), faxes, emails and messages with "...millions and billions and zillions and quadrillions of Love."

So what is a zillion? Apparently it is an indeterminate number of things. It can't be people, or money, because those you can count if you have the time and the inclination for it. It must be something you can't count like.... the number of mosquitoes or midges? Or a swarm of bees? I'm not even going to try to count a swarm of bees! Or what about love? How do you count love or measure it?

Have you ever met a person who can be called a 'zillionaire?' You see, I had to emphasize the word before I could use it because it seems there is no such word, or my dictionary doesn't believe it exists. Anyway, I haven't met one. I don't think I've even met a billionaire in person. Millionaires yes. A few really.

Recently I thought a lot about millionaires and billionaires - only for writing purposes, I promise. I had been working on a few ideas, all set in Scotland. Now I have a dilemma what to call the series. Should I call it The Scottish Millionaire series or The Scottish Billionaire series? Millionaires are plenty. Okay, not plenty, but more common than billionaires. And there are more 'older' billionaires than those in the 30-something age group. So my problem is: should I keep it more authentic and write about millionaires instead of billionaires? Decisions, decisions, decisions!

But, when I eventually figured it out, I'll let you know. And maybe by that time, I'll have a name for the first book in the series, which I've finished already. It's now only called Scottish Millionaire Book 1 but at least it's better than "Holy Shit", as Book 2 in the series currently living in my computer.

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