Most of my English books will be wide from the beginning of March. That means you can order either from Amazon, Kobo, Barnes&Noble and Apple. More stories will be added, but you only need to set your favourite store link once. Just click on the photo which will take you to Books2Read. Once you've selected your favourite store, you don't have to do it again in future.

Eye on the Ball.jpeg
Leading from the Front.jpeg
Playing by the Rules.jpeg
Wrecking Ball.jpeg
Summertime Blue.jpg
My Blue Heaven.jpg
Kind of Blue.jpg
Taste for Coffee.jpg
Taste for Wine.jpg
Making the Right Call.jpg
A Ray of Hope.jpg
Taste for Cupcakes.jpg
Jakes se Geheim.jpeg
Net Een Kans.jpg
Blou Somer.jpg
'n Stukkie Blou Hemel.jpg
Klein Bietjie Blou.jpg
Kolwyntjies vir die Liefde.jpg
Somerson Kersfees.jpg
Keuses van Gister.jpg
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