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A brief interlude just before Christmas was supposed to be more than that. That was what Nathan Sinclair imitated to Meghan Carstens when they said goodbye, and she believed him. She should have known it was a lie and that he would end up to be just like all the other assholes she had dated before. When they met again a few months later, Meghan accepted it was over. Nathan ignored her as if the time they spent together on Twin Peaks, had never happened. She did the same, even though it hurt.

Meghan belonged to an industry Nathan abhorred. Apart from his mother and his sister, he had vowed long ago never to have anything to do with someone who aspired to be a model, designer or a journalist. He had been burned once too often. Why then did he feel this compelling attraction to the sultry fashion designer?

When the truth emerged, would Meghan be willing to give Nathan another chance?

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