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Never trust a man who doesn’t like coffee.

Kirstine Brown does not heed her grandfather’s advice and lets billionaire businessman Iain Young get under her skin. But what Kirsty won’t stand for is losing Joe’s Coffee House–her pride and joy. It is all she has.

Iain inherits Cairistìne Court, a building in the heart of Edinburgh’s Leith district, and a stubborn tenant who refuses to move. Kirsty has an iron-clad contract, but Iain is used to winning and sets out to change her mind.

He gets more than he bargained for and falls hard for the blonde barista. Knowing that only a big gesture will convince a suspicious Kirsty of his growing love for her, he waits for the perfect moment.

But secrets cause misunderstandings. Throw in an ex who wants him back and a greedy employee who sabotages Kirsty, and Iain has his work cut out for him.

Will Iain’s big gesture be too late to win Kirsty’s heart?


"A classic start really. Powerful business guy (Iain) wants to force young woman (Kirstine) to move her small business away. They meet, are aware that they are enemies, but are very much physically attracted to one another.

But he doesn’t like coffee. Can you imagine? Enter Kirsty with her coffee making skills, to try and convert him into a lover of ‘a hug in a mug’ ;)

The main character is Iain. Kirsty is secondary; her POV is too matter-of-fact, I never felt as if I really got to know her. Nothing about her personal life, not enough feelings. At least, I didn’t FEEL it, it didn’t reach me. She stayed distant, aloof, from afar…

And… I didn’t like Iain. It started when he said people who read books are geeks. Hey! That’s offensive! And he’s clearly playing a mind game with Kirsty. And he’s soooo overly arrogant! The kind of guy who wants things his way no matter the cost to others. All of that made him unlikeable. Well, what do you expect from a guy who didn’t like coffee (wink wink)."

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