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Childhood love never dies. It just waits for the right moment to reignite.

Jannes Benadé and Esme Krause shared their firsts: a first day at school, a first kiss on Jannes’ sixteenth birthday, and a first romance. Fate’s cruel hand intervenes when Jannes’s family whisks him off to New Zealand.


Heartbroken, Esme finds solace in fleeting love on the rebound and becomes a bride at sixteen to Raymond, a union destined to crumble. Years later, Esme, now a single mother, returns from London to start a new life in Pretoria.


Jannes accepts a short-term contract with the Wild Dogs and entrusts his living arrangement with his mother. He should have known better.


Destiny reunites him with Esme, and their reunion sparks a whirlwind of emotions—joy, fear, and longing. As time works its magic, they rekindle their friendship, but doubts linger. Can Esme trust Jannes with her heart again?


The All Blacks tap Jannes to join their training camp. He faces an impossible dilemma: to follow his heart or pursue his passion. What will he choose?

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