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What do you do when everything you believed about your past is a lie?

Author Mikayla Martin is the strange woman from Africa who gets misty-eyed at the sound of bagpipes and knows the words to “Flower of Scotland”. She also has a heart without a home. When she arrives in Scotland, she has more hope of finding unicorns and the Loch Ness monster than her birth family.

Stumbling across her own Prince Charming in the woods is an enormous surprise. Not only is he handsome, but he quotes from her favourite children’s stories and princess movies. But despite their mutual attraction, she can’t rest until she finds her family. And she has nothing to offer this lord of the manor. Or does she?

For Gavin Crawford, family is everything. He can trace his ancestors back to hundreds of years, so when tragedy strikes he doesn’t hesitate to trade his career in Her Majesty’s Special Boat Service for cow poop, milking sheds and a title he hates. But there’s a wee bit of a problem. Kayla reminds him of someone special he recently lost. And they both have enough doubts and fears to fill up the pages of a book.

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“As jy weet wat goed is vir jou en jou loopbaan, bly weg van my dogter!”

Al wat Ulrich Fölscher wil doen is rugby speel vir die Buffels en die Springbokke en om uiteindelik die beste sjef in die stad te wees. In daardie volgorde. Daar is nie plek vir romanse in sy lewe nie. Om sy afrigter se bevel na te kom is dus maklik, totdat hy die afrigter se dogter ontmoet. Samantha is alles wat hy soek – warm, borrelend – en moontlik daardie geheime bestanddeel wat Ulrich nodig het om sy lewe op te vervolmaak.

Sammy is ‘n professionele atleet en ken dus ook die reëls. Dit is egter baie moeilik om Ulrich se innerlike krag, sy fokus en vasbeslotenheid, maar veral sy verleidelike soene, te weerstaan.

Hulle albei weet hoe om te baklei vir dit wat hulle wil hê. Saam met hul groeiende aantrekkingskrag kom die druk om ‘n keuse te maak. Gaan Ulrich en Sammy aanhou om die reëls te volg of gaan hulle die risiko neem en veg vir hul liefde?

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