“I’m not good-looking enough. I’m a prop, not the catch on the team. Everyone thinks we’re the dumb guys on the squad. The loosies and the guys in the back get the beautiful women.”

Ryan Foster knew the score. He, therefore, had no expectations when he met trauma doctor, Margaret Blake.

Margaret always made it clear how she felt about rugby, a sport she considered only being favoured by dumb and ignorant hooligans. When she met Ryan, the almost chemical attraction she felt towards the large prop with his bushy beard and long hair, surprised her. One evening in his company convinced Margaret that there was more to Ryan than meets the eye and gave in to temptation.


A severe concussion puts Ryan’s rugby career in jeopardy, and with it, his future with Margaret.

Could Margaret convince Ryan (and herself), that they might have a future? And even if they did, would they be able to overcome their pasts to find their own Happy Ever After?

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach... hers might be through his kitchen...

Morag MacPherson returns to Scotland with one dream and that is to open her open cupcake shop. She knows she has to work hard and may have to wait a while before she could fulfil that dream, but she doesn’t mind that. She will not let one obnoxious man, accusing her of things she will never consider, derails her plan.

When Peter Moriarty realised he made a big mistake, he tried his best to rectify it, but Morag was not a feisty red-head for nothing. He had to work hard to gain her trust and friendship. What did he have to do to win her heart?

Peter might have an ace up his sleeve, however. What is that saying again? The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Hers might be through his kitchen.

One feisty red-head. One stubborn Scot. One meeting to change their life forever.

When Richie Campbell arrived in Pretoria, he had a reputation a mile long. The Flying Scotsman had no choice to leave Scotland since he was left in the cold after yet another brawl with a member of the British press. Pretoria was far away, and Richie hoped to find peace and to be able to enjoy his rugby again. What Richie hadn’t expected was to meet his Scottish teammate’s sister and to fall head over heels in love. Not that it helped. It seemed that Sarah Mackay was immune.

Sarah had two rules. One: never date a client. Two: never date a professional sportsman. They have way too much testosterone. She knew as she had been on the receiving end twice.

Sarah added one more nickname to Richie’s repertoire: Wrecking Ball. Getting involved with Richie spell disaster. But for how long could Sarah resist his charm, especially when she learned his secrets? And was Richie’s Nan right? Did things happen for a reason?

As a young and hot-headed twenty-two-year-old, Dan Mackay made a choice he regretted ever since. Even though he knew it was wrong, he was too proud, and admittedly, too embarrassed, to admit it then. When he, at last, came to his senses, it was too late.

The past has a nasty habit of catching up on you. Returning to South Africa, Dan learned that the choice he made so long ago had more repercussions than even he thought.


Like Dan, Jess knew it was the biggest mistake letting Dan go, even as he was walking out of the door, but she was too proud to stop him. She would’ve wanted him to choose her, or just give her a choice, but when he didn’t, she let him go.


Will Dan be able to make better choices this time to help mend his relationship with Jess?