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Taste for Coffee2.png


Never trust a man who doesn't like coffee

Kirstine Brown does not heed her grandfather’s advice. She allowed billionaire businessman Iain Young to get under her skin. But what Kirsty won’t stand for is losing Joe’s Coffee House–her pride and joy. It is all she has.

Iain inherits Cairistìne Court, a building in the heart of Edinburgh’s Leith district, and a stubborn tenant who refuses to move. Kirsty has an iron-clad contract, but Iain is used to winning and sets out to change her mind. He gets more than he bargained for and falls hard for the blonde barista. Knowing that only a big gesture will convince a suspicious Kirsty of his growing love for her, he waits for the perfect moment.

But secrets cause misunderstandings. Throw in an ex who wants him back and a greedy employee who sabotages Kirsty, and Iain has his work cut out for him. Will Iain’s big gesture be too late to win Kirsty’s heart?

Taste for Wine2.png


Life is too short to drink bad wine

Businessman Santiago Figueras arrives in Edinburgh to reclaim his missing wife. But why should Olivia Holmes trust him now, when he left her stranded in a foreign country three years ago? All she wants to do is to protect the son Santiago didn’t know he had.

Santiago makes Olivia a shrewd offer she cannot refuse—and she follows him to Argentina to rebuild their marriage.

Olivia is still addicted to the taste of Santiago’s kisses, but can she give him her heart again?

Years of hurt and mistrust are not easily erased and threaten to tear them apart once more.

Can Santiago and Olivia’s love grow deep roots in Mendoza’s vineyards, or will they harvest only a lifetime of regrets?

Taste for Cupcakes2.png


The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach ... hers might be through his kitchen...

Morag MacPherson returns to Scotland with one dream, and that is to open her own cupcake shop. She knows she has to work hard and may have to wait a while before fulfilling that dream, but she doesn’t mind that. She will not let one obnoxious man, accusing her of things she will never consider, derail her plan.

When Peter Moriarty realises that he made a big mistake, he tries his best to rectify it, but Morag is not a feisty redhead for nothing. He has to work hard to gain her trust and friendship. What can he do to win her heart?

Peter has an ace up his sleeve, however. What is that saying again? The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Hers might be through his kitchen.

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