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My Writing Place

You know when you had something, and you didn't realise how good you had it until it's gone? Yes, almost like freedom of movement and shopping when you want and all those over things we all crave for now.

What I miss most now is my own writing space. I had this amazing study a couple of years ago but then we downscaled for a year before we became nomads. How I miss that space! That's where I've written most of my books and it had been my happy place.

In another blog, I will tell you more about writing while I travelled, but today I am dreaming about my new office, which I hope to have when this lockdown is over and we can go back to Pretoria and find a new home. Instead of fretting about it, I plan it. What do I and don't want? How must it look like? How am I going to decorate it? What will my colour scheme be? When we became nomads, we put some of our furniture in storage, amongst others my desk and bookshelves. They are black, almost similar to this one. We will rent and most often these places have white walls so I have plenty of ideas to play with

I've been trawling Pinterest and add more and more ideas I would only be able to make a final decision when we've found a home but you can check out my board in the meantime.

Let's look at the different approaches to finding a perfect writing nook - that is apart from looking at the obvious choices like location, comfort and disturbance.


Oh my gosh, I know that colour affects moods and everything, but there is a whole colour psychology thing going on. I also know what colours I like so now I have to figure out which will work best for me. If you have the same problem, just check out this guest post by Cat Larose.

Or even better, get her book Any color but beige.

Feng Shui

My sister and I discussed the art of Feng shui recently. We both spent time in Asia (she in Taiwan and me in both Taiwan and Malaysia). Since she took residence in her office again, she wanted to arrange her space so she could work better. Where should she put her desk? To face the window or a wall? With her back to the wall or the door? So many things to decide about! I know I like to sit either facing a wall or have a wall on one side because I want an inspiration/notice board. I don't like facing the window because, in sunny South Africa, the light can become too bright so ditto for having your back to the window. But what does Feng shui advise? Check out this blog post by Hannah Kowalczyk-Harper about how feng shui affect your writing. It now makes sense to me why my previous writing space delivered so many completed manuscripts! Feng shui not only deals with colour, but also with elements and light.


Oh, this is an important one for writers because we sit long hours behind our computers, hammering out a story. TCK Publishing has written an article which will help you to design your writing space. It is not only dealing with ergonomics, but also with other aspects such as distractions.


If you need silence when you are writing, this is an important point. It becomes more important if you have young children or you need to set a boundary to your family. If the door is closed, you are writing. DO NOT BOTHER ME! Yeah, that one. It doesn't always work like that, and sometimes, even if it is closed, someone may open the door to bring you a cup of tea. Don't shout at them. :)


Do you enough space to store your research material, stationery, and other writing paraphernalia. Can you leave your work in progress and knows it will be there when you return tomorrow? That is an important issue to think about when you design your space. You don't want to come back tomorrow and find that your important research papers you left on your desk are now covered in your four-year-old daughter's drawings.

What else? What do you want in your writing space? I know I want a giant notice board or something where I can put up reminders, inspiration boards and other writing stuff. Or maybe that and a whiteboard where I can plan my WIP? That will be awesome! Even better if I have both.

So now, while we have time, are you inspired to re-arrange your writing nook?

I am!

Until next time


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