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Travel and Writing

When I set out in September 2019 to follow a nomadic lifestyle, I had all these grand plans and schemes of how I would write in different settings.

Corstophine, Edinburgh

The reality is very different, however. I felt guilty to write while I'm in a new city because I'm supposed to do sightseeing, wasn't I? Yes, I was supposed to do research for my upcoming WIPs, but I found myself feeling guilty of sitting to write in my hotel room in Edinburgh, and the sun was shining and it wasn't too cold yet, instead of exploring. And at night I was too tired to write. I may sometimes take an opportunity while sipping a glass of wine before dinner, but not every night.

Airport hotel at OR Tambo
Bonnybridge, Scotland

The nomadic life was completely different than I expected. My mind was so busy with what I've seen, and being on the move the whole time made it difficult to emerge myself in my stories. I had to find other ways to get my writing time in, though, so I used the time in a city or new environment by writing what I've experienced around me, instead of concentrating on a specific manuscript. I could, therefore, write any place, as I've mentioned in previous posts. That info I now use in my travel blogs, which is still sporadic while I'm busy with this challenge. I actually wanted to do both but again, things didn't work out like that.

Sometimes, like the times I stayed with my sister in the Eastern Cape, I had a writing buddy called Cartman. Sadly, he since then had decided to leave us for another life.

I've written in so many places. Sometimes it was nice, especially early mornings when it was quiet like the times I wrote in Clarens and in Hogsback while everyone was still sleeping. It was nice sitting outside, drinking coffee and listen to the birdsong. Other times it was in busy restaurants or in the airport lounges. Of course, I'm nosy, so that didn't always work out as I hoped.

Now I am still with my sisters while in lockdown, and I write in my room, which is not the best setting. You can imagine that I am looking forward to my own writing nook again.

Until next time!


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