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V is for… Vida Li Sik, author of the Heart Series

Today I’m kicking off my new guest blogger series with a good friend, writing buddy and alpha reader, Vida li Sik. Vida will tell you more about herself, her writing and her wonderful books.

Here’s Vida:

I like creating striking characters in unusual settings, and to take an unflinching look at the harder aspects of their lives and weaknesses. My characters are flawed, but they grow (and maybe you with them). Hopefully you will end up cheering them on as you read.

The Heart Series follows the personal stories of Hannah, Savanna and Daouda Dervain — mother, daughter and son/brother. The first in the series, Aching Heart, look at healing the relationship between the estranged mother and daughter. Relationships between parents and children and the relationship between siblings themselves are very complex. While there is love for one another, the capacity to misunderstand each other’s motives and decisions are very real. This fascinates me and it was almost a no-brainer to start the series with the family drama.

Aching Heart examines Hannah’s battle with alcoholism, cancer and her decisions in raising her kids. She has a lot on her plate and plenty of issues to deal with. As a mother, I felt empathy for her because I knew that deep down, she really just wanted to be the best mother she could be. Yes, she’s made mistakes in how she raised her children and it’s something we can all relate to. I really felt with her as I wrote her story, and yes, it was very difficult at times. We see her strengths and go with her on an emotional journey of seeking redemption. I believe that no matter how bad our past was or how difficult life is right now, there is always hope, and I wanted to have Hannah grow and come out stronger at the end.

In Lonely Heart, we follow the daughter Savanna’s life once she gets out of prison. She moves to the Ivory Coast to help her brother set up a new business. There, she finds it hard to rebuild her life and form new relationships. She is ashamed of her past and afraid that people will judge her. It gets trickier when she meets a guy she likes. She discovers that trust is hard to build when you are lying by omission. I wanted to write something lighter with a Happy Ever After, which explains the heavier focus on her romance with Alexander.

To close off the series, in 2021, I will focus on the son/brother Daouda or ‘Yoda’ as Savanna calls him. I don’t have a title for the book yet. After years of dealing with women with issues (his mother and sister), Daouda is ready to seek his own HEA and wants to get married and settle down. However, the woman he’s set his eyes on comes with her own baggage and secrets. The question is, will Daouda be patient enough to ride out yet another storm to find his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

I really want Yoda to have an easy time, but shame, it looks like he too is in for a challenging time [chuckles]

Well, that's Vida for you. She really loves her characters and so will you.

You can sign up for Vida’s newsletter and download an excerpt of Savanna’s story in Lonely Heart,

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